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Joyce Marie Kraus Bio


It was no surprise to anyone who knew Joyce Marie Kraus growing up in the Midwest that she would end up in the fashion world. Sewing and design were handed down from her grandmother, who was a professional couturiere in the early 1900’s. Her creativity and style were passed down to Joyce Marie’s mother, who taught her to sew before she was 10. Soon Joyce Marie was sewing her own designs, and making her own patterns. At 16 she discovered her destiny when she saw her first live fashion show while visiting Stephens College in Columbia, MO.  Joyce Marie went on to study fashion design at Stephens and at 19 bought a one way ticket to New York City to realize her dream of a career as a fashion designer.


Once settled in New York City, she spent five years working on the design teams for such iconic junior companies as His for Her, Bobbie Brooks, Tommy Hilfiger and Eber San Francisco. It was here that she learned all about trend forecasting services and saw the suitcases of clothing samples the head designers brought back from their European shopping trips. Realizing that American fashion was being driven by the creativity of the Europeans, Joyce Marie knew that somehow she had to be part of that.


Leaving a designer position in New York, Joyce Marie packed up and moved to Paris in 1983. She set her mind on learning to speak French and knocked on the doors of big fashion houses. After six months of persistence she landed a job with Daniel Hechter. She then went on to work with Jean-Remy Daumas, one of the leading and most creative Parisian designers of the 80’s. 


While living in Paris, Joyce Marie quickly realized a significant void between the Americans’ semi annual shopping trips and the steady stream of new merchandise in the Parisian stores. Having trouble obtaining working papers to legally stay in France, Joyce Marie started her own trend service business as a way to remain in Paris. She started sending photos and samples to her clients back in the states every month or every week! This formula quickly took off and a very successful business was started. Soon many established trend forecasters were adding photo packs to their services, which had traditionally been books of black and white sketches. Needless to say, this business model helped lay the foundation for contemporary trend services.


Simultaneously in 1993, after many years of success, Joyce Marie followed another dream and started her own clothing line under her name. Not wanting to follow the same trends she was reporting on, Joyce Marie created her own prints and fabrics staying truly original. This did not go unnoticed for in 1995 she was given a "Nouveau Talent" award by the French Federation de Pret-a-Porter. Additionally she was named in France's "Journal de Textile" as one of the top five designers to create the "Second Skin, Nude" movement that was sweeping the mid-90's. The other designers were Jean-Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, Martin Margiela and Wolford.  Joyce Marie's line was carried by Henri Bendel in NYC, Victories and Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Harrods in London to name a few. She closed her Parisian designer line in 1998 after five years.


Meanwhile back in the US, Joyce Marie introduced a second line concentrating on better tops and T-shirts made both in the US and in France. She called it Glamour Toujours after her own style philosophy: "Always a little dressed up even when dressed down". The line found it's niche in the better top market eventually adding skirts and dresses. The Glamour Toujours line was sold in hundreds of specialty stores throughout America and through private label customers such as Black House/White Market. Joyce Marie accredits the success of her 10-year run with Glamour Toujours to her constant European shopping associated with her continuing trend service business.


Today Joyce Marie is excited about the online launch of JMK Style Trends. Still wanting to emulate a "real European shopping trip", this new site will make it even easier to get the latest trend photos and do your European shopping at the same time!







Appearance on MTV's Fashion News shown in both U.S. and Europe.

Accredited by France's Journal de Textile (equivalent to WWD) as one of 5 designers to create the "Second Skin, Nude" movement that is still influencing fashion today. Among those 5 designers are M. Margiela, J.P. Gaultier, Karl Lagerfield, and Wolford.

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Received the "Nouveau Talent" award from the French Federation de Pret-a-Porter.  Award consists of financial grants for three consecutive seasons, plus trade show representation.

Received "Special Recognition" award from the French Federation de la Lingerie for her Second Skin Body suits. Award consists of booth space with runway participation, plus all necessary fabric to create a full lingerie line provided by Solstiss.



Celebrity Dressing


Marie-Christian Marek, Host of Paris Premiere's Fashion TV

Vanessa Paradis, French Pop Star and wife of U.S. actor Johnny Depp

Clothing appeared numerous times in Les Filles (French TV series) and France's Wheel of Fortune


2001: Ivana Trump orders Trompe l’oeil top


2002: Lori Stokes regularly wears Glamour Toujours on NY Channel 5 News


2005: Ugly Betty television show runs Glamour Toujours

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