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JMK (Joyce Marie Kraus) Style Trends is the online launch of the Paris based trend forecasting service that was created in 1985. The Joyce Marie Reports, as they were known then, brought an innovative approach to fashion forecasting by switching the focus from design books with sketches to retail trend reports with photos. Considered a pioneer in trend services, Joyce Marie influenced the extensive use of colored photos.


Today we look first at the designer runway shows for trend direction and inspiration. In spite of all the focus on runway, Joyce Marie still firmly believes in the importance of European retail shopping. The runway may introduce trends, but only retail shopping can tell us what happened to the trends. It’s the actual "runway to realway"!


Our service is like your own European shopping trip with you at your desk! We shop, shoot and share our store photos with you. You then tell us what samples to buy! It’s really that simple. We offer design services and product consulting as well, but our main goal is to take you shopping with us and together we’ll find some great new ideas for your line.

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