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We Offer Sample Buying

Sometimes a photo doesn't tell the whole story. A sample is required to get the point across to either your patternmaker or your buyer. All trend services offer retail photos but how many do you know that offer sample buying?  After you select the samples you want us to buy from one of our reports, we return to the store, purchase, package and ship the items to your office or factory (or both)! This will speed up your product development and keep your line always looking fresh. This is a unique and personalized service that sets us apart from the rest! 


We Offer Individual Reports with No Subscription Necessary

Yes, that’s right! You can buy one report at a time without committing to a full trend service subscription. It’s our a la carte plan or buy-as-you-need system that allows you total freedom to pick and choose reports according to your needs and budget. For example, you can zero in on just knit tops without the sweaters or buy the photos from only London or only Paris. You choose!


Too Much Information Can Be Confusing and A Waste of Time...

Many trend services suggest you browse photos from every corner of the world. Based on our experience, we still believe that Paris, London and Italy are the most important places to shop. We would rather concentrate on the top locations and give you full service from there.

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