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Our Favorite Cities to Shop


Admittedly, PARIS is our best-covered city because we are constantly inspired by style trends that begin there and we are based there. Besides covering fashion & style of the Parisian shops and passer-bys, we seek inspiration from the architecture, museums, art galleries, cafes, brasseries, bistros du vin, patisseries, flea markets, et tout les salons que ce passe a Paris!! (plus all the trades shows that take place in Paris!!) We pass all of our inspiration and what we see on to you through our reports and newsletters.


LONDON comes next because, well, it is jolly-well important for the American market. We update our London photos once or twice each month to keep you right on top of your favorite stores there.  Our focus is predominantly on British brands and chains that cannot be found in Paris or New York so we zero in on these first! (Even so, we will always cover Top Shop even though they are now open in NYC—because just walking Top Shop in London and seeing who’s shopping there is so important to trend-spotters the world-over.)


ITALY: Florence, Milan & Rome are especially important for accessories as well as ready-to-wear so we cover these markets seasonally. The Italians are unique in their coverage of luxury trends at all market levels and we find that the color trends that come out of Italy set the tone for future seasons.


Special Guest Cities keep it interesting and fresh. Occasionally, we will include reports from various cities to fuel our inspiration—and yours. Sometimes we check out a buzz-city-of-the-moment, (like Stockholm) or we may cover it because we feel the spirit of the city is uniquely tied to the style of the season. We’ve covered Amsterdam (a must for mens or boys!), Brussels, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Munich, Milan, Positano, Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez and all of the Cote d’Azur, Barcelona, Madrid, Hong Kong, Tokyo and, of course, New York, Los Angeles and any other U.S. city that emerges as a fashion or retail center.

Paris – Printemps


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