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A La Carte

No Subscription or commitment is necessary with the A La Carte plan. You can purchase our reports here as you need them. This way, we can help fill the gaps in your research without you worrying about a longer term commitment. Within minutes and for an attractive price you will have a report that saves you the cost of a scouting trip to Europe!


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You can subscribe to JMK Style Trend Reports for a 6-month or one year term. Subscriptions give you advantages that A La Carte does not. As a subscriber of our service, your month-to-month reports are much less expensive because they are Prix Fixe instead of A La Carte. Secondly, as we are doing our research we send out advance notices of what’s to come. You will receive shopping notes of noteworthy pieces and trends while they are developing. If something is hot, we want you to know about it right away and not wait until the next report is published. This is limited only to subscribers and VIP members!


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VIP Membership

This is our premium membership offer. With this VIP pass you will have unlimited access to our reports and unlimited sample buying from any of our cities covered. Not only will you receive the advanced shopping notes of a subscriber, you will also receive unedited photos as they are being taken from the stores! You will be able to buy your samples as we’re shopping and not wait until a report has been published!


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Paris - Sentier


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