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Every designer and merchandiser knows that actually having a real sample to express an idea or trend can make or break a presentation or sale. Sample purchasing has long been an expertise of JMK Style, but now with the power of the Internet, you can select yourself what samples you want purchased instead of us making these decisions!


Online sample buying translates into...

Customized, Fast Delivery, and Less Wasted Time and Money!

How it Works

Any registered user can purchase samples from JMK Style Trend Reports. Your selections can be edited and updated easily and in no way obligates you to purchase any of these items.


When you have finished your shopping and are ready to purchase we will send you an invoice for all the items that you’ve selected. Your sample buying fee will be included in your invoice. To see a complete list of our sample buying fees please contact us.


Prepayment is required for all sample purchases along with your UPS or FedEx shipping number. Once we have received notice that the invoice is paid, we will not delay in getting back out to the stores to purchase your samples and get them shipped to you.


If the price was not available when we issued the report, you can request a price by clicking "Price request".


Note: In the unlikely event that we were not able to buy the samples that you requested, your money will be refunded to you or can be held as a credit for another purchase.

  • Item Selections & Returns
  • Cities Covered / Special Requests

With respect to sample purchases, JMK Style can only guarantee the purchase of the exact style selected but not the color or size. First attempts are made to find a size medium in the exact color of the sample that was in the photo. If this has sold out, we will automatically purchase an alternative size or color or both. Under no circumstances will JMK Style substitute a different sample style without your consent.


Regrettably, we cannot return samples that are purchased in Europe. This is why we suggest you give us alternative sizes and colors in advance.


Note: If you are requesting a "personal sample" and really only want it in your size and color, you can make a note of that on your order and we'll know that it should not be purchased otherwise.

Paris is the only city (for now) that you can buy directly from our photo reports. Our plans are to extend our sample buying service to London in the near future and Italy next year.


In the meantime, if you want samples purchased from cities other than Paris, all you have to do is let us know what you are interested in. We will notify you in advance so that you can schedule a "Special Shopping Request" for that city. Just send JMK Style Trends a list of what you’re looking for and what your sample budget is and we'll shop your samples for a nominal fee of $395. If you've seen the price of airline tickets or hotel rooms in Europe these days, you realize you couldn't find a better value! If you would like to be advised of our upcoming shopping trips, just send a quick note to and we'll notify you of our exact travel dates.