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Paris February 2010


The First Look at Spring 2010 Trends in Paris couldn't have been more directional. Everyone seemed to agree that Stripes and Military were two trends not to be missed! There were plenty of Nautical influences mixed in with these two mega trends and the embellishments of past seasons just keep coming. Here is a complete list of trends to take note of from this shopping period.
Stripes in General
Striped Knit Jackets and Blazers look very fresh
Military shapes, fabrics and trims
Embellished jean jackets (esp studs)
Rayon denim fabric for soft denim looks
Shoulder interest continues strong
Triple Tiered short skirts
Lots of Olive (army) green color
Camouflage prints
Fringed everything
Baggy, slouchy shorts
Mock 2 piece dresses
Chain trims
Hardware trims in general
Nautical gold buttons
Ripped jeans still strong
Menswear woven shirtings
Gray color
Ruffles and Flounces
All-in-One pieces
Lots of tunic lengths continue